Shramsiddha (CSR Project)

Project Shramsiddha is a flagship project of MKSSS`s Baya Karve Women`s Study and Research Centre,  funded by Bajaj Finserv. It aims to provide upskilling training for Domestic Working women in Pune with the objective of upliftment of socio-economic status of the domestic helpers and domestic profession. As these women are untrained and work in a traditional manner. It is observed that, due to lack of training, the domestic workers work in a traditional manner. They lack the professional skills required at any workplace. They are also not aware about general hygiene to be maintained and the manners and etiquettes to be followed. Hence there is dissatisfaction from the employers’ side resulting in creating a rift between the two parties. Due to the changing structure of the society,  there is an increasing need for trained domestic workers. Considering the need from Society and Domestic workers 4 types of training modules, each of 12 hrs., are conducted under this project.

  1. Household cleaning and Management
  2. Kitchen recipes and basics of Kitchen Management.
  3. Understanding Childcare
  4. Understanding Elderly care.

Shramsiddha team is providing training to DWWs working in different communities of Pune city. The project aims to train 3200 domestic working women under this project. Since execution, this program has helped these women gain skill, improve communication, become self-independent and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.Women empowerment and Social health being the prime focus areas of the unit, we are looking forward to working with various CSR activities related to women and children.