Credit Course in Gender Studies

The field of gender studies emerged from the pressing need to address the issues emerging in everyday life due to the gendered nature of policies in all walks of life; giving birth to social and economic inequalities. Gender studies provide an insight about what makes us male, female, transgender or intersex. It makes us understand why these categories matter and how to engage with them meaningfully in an inclusive society.

Imbibing the approach of gender reciprocity among the younger generation will help them understand the true meaning of gender equality; thus, eliminating misconceptions about opportunities, rights and justice.  Sensitizing students will also help them enter the professional world with the right perspective towards gender inclusion which will reflect at the workplace and at the domestic level.

The objectives of the course are as follows

  • To Set up a Gender Sensitization perspective among the learners through Exposure and


  • To help build a critical Perspective on Gender based Issues through interdisciplinary approach

Course outline

  • Key concepts in Gender Sensitivity:
    1)Introduction to the concept of Sex and Gender
    2)Socialization of gender roles and gender identity
    3)Gender stereotypes and their impact
    4)Gender division of labour and social constructs
    5)Knowing Gender to understand feminism
  • Building Gender awareness:
    1)Exploring attitudes
    2)Assessment of personal beliefs
    3)Examining personal assumptions
  • Reciprocity as a path toward gender equality
    Understanding Gender Equality and Equity
  • Contributing to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment
    1)What is and is not Sexual Harassment
    2)Legal Provisions for prevention of Sexual Harassment
    3)Preconditions for the effective working of sexual Harassment complaints Committees
    4)Role of men in the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace
    5)Gender-sensitive language, work culture and workplace.
  • Duration: 30 hours / 15 hours