Credit Course in Psychological First aid

Psychological First aid is an intervention program to promote safety and stability of the individuals who are going through some mental trauma. The credit course is designed to create a pool of supporters in colleges as peers have major influence on the individuals at a young age. The course helps the students to understand themselves and identify mental health issues among their friend circle. The course can teach them important skills for effective Communication and Conversation.

Eligibility: Any person above 18

Batch size: 40 to 45 students


  1. Basics of Psychology
    Introduction to Psychology
    Concept of psychological first aid
    Human Brain and Mind
    Attention, Perception
    Learning Theories
    Concept of Threshold
  2. Psychological Health
    Human Needs
    Emotions and Emotional Health
    Fear, Anxiety
  3. Skills set of Supporter
    What is Psychological Support
    Empathy and Positive Regards
    Hope and Respect
    Listening Skills
    Conversational Skills
  4. Techniques and Methods
    Effective Exercises and Techniques of Communication
    Self-care strategies

Exam of 50 marks
Duration-15 hours of Teaching + 3 hours Practical + 2 Hours Exam.

Project Completed
In the month of March 2023 Dilasa counselling centre conducted this credit course for the students of MKSSS’s Bakul Tambat Institute for Nursing Education. Total 45 students participated.

Name of the Experts 
Dr. Pallavi Kasande – Counselling Head
Anagha Kulkarni – Counsellor
Madhura Gore – Counsellor